Game Platform Based on EOS

Share dividends, trading gains, pool raffles,
money-exploding games, competitive events

Game Crypto-EPC

PE Token 10% only,Dev Team Token 10% only, Airdrop 10% only.

PE 10% tokens will be unlocked in 2 years, Dev Team Token 10% will be unlocked in 4 years, all the EPC will be in circulation.

Game, Share, Active——Triple mining mechanism

  • Game Mining

    Accumulate mingin ability when plaing games.

  • Share Mining

    Gain extra bonus when invited friends mining successfully.

  • Active

    Gain extra bonus when players continue mining over 7 days.

Game Computing Power——fair mining distribution

Based on the EOS parent blockchain, the smart contract records all players' game time and consumption amount. It calculates the player's daily game computing power based on the weight of the game time and amount. The daily mining allocation will be distributed according to the game computing power.

In order to prevent the player from indulging in EOS poker game, the smart contract sets up a computing power-attenuation mechanism. When players constantly gaming above 5 hours in one day, the player's game computing power will enter the decline period, which is half of the hour before the hour is decayed.

Dividend + Jackpot + transaction ——multiple profit feedback program

Bancor Algorithm ——True decentralized transaction

Decentralized Exchange based on Bacor Algorithom, Price of the EPC-EOS trading pair is totally decided by market demand.